CircoG, circus-theatre company

CircoG was formed in 2020 with the meeting of Natalia Espinoza
(Valdívia, Chile) and Daniel Luengo (Alicante, Spain), both graduates
of the CAU International Circus and Theater School in Granada, and
David Consuegra (Alicante, Spain), a member of the circus company
Acrobàcia Mínima.

Confort has its seed in March 2020, as a result of a circus number
recorded by the company for an online cabaret during enclosure.
Shortly after, these three artists decide to start the creation of the
show,bringingtogetheragreatartistic team andcarryingoutseveral
creative residencies in Alicante and Granada (Spain) during 2020 and
2021, tofinallypremiereandstart their first tour inthefallof 2021.


Natalia espinoza

Circus artist from Chile. The theater was his first contact with the artistic world. Participating in different plays. Later he discovers the circus, delving into various disciplines, such as vertical, duo acrobatics and aerial acrobatics. Pioneer of a cultural group and company called Circosofos, Chilean Patagonia. In the south of Chile, he is dedicated to the social circus, working on various projects with children at high social risk. Later he traveled to Spain to study at the CAU International Circus and Theater School, Granada. 2016-2018.

david Consuegra

He began his artistic training in the world of clowning and children's musicals in 2005. Later, he started in vertical techniques and acrobatic portés, work that he has been developing since 2013 as an artist for the companies Acrobacia Mìnima, where he has had an acrobatic profile and Hermanos Barbini, with a clownish profile. Active member since 2010 of the Donyet Ardit circus association, participating in the promotion of the circus in the city of Alicante and the rest of Spain and Europe. Active member since 2011 of the stage creation space, training and education El Disparate.

Daniel Luengo

circus artist from Alicante, he began to play with the rolabola and juggling at the age of five, and since then he has not stopped moving in the entertainment world, developing as an actor, juggler, porter, trapeze catcher, tightrope walker... In 2013 co-founds Zircus Divinorum, a street theater company. Since then he has belonged to various companies with which he has created countless characters and participated in numerous shows. In 2019 he graduated from the International Circus and Theater School, CAU, Granada. In 2020, with Aureka! Circus, premieres Once upon a time.