Isolated during enclosure, a magical world begins to born, in which uncertainty and fear are overshadowed by the most hopeful dreams.

Under the watchful eye of his intriguing company, and with television and a window as the only contact with reality, he will go through a roller coaster of emotions, reminding us with laughter and guffaws of the crazy situations experienced during enclosure. There is a fragile threshold that these characters cross, being dragged into madness and incoherence, where the dimensions of their imagination multiply, giving rise to surreal, absurd, dreamlike acrobatic and extravagantly comic situations.

"Comfort" is a show for all audiences, in which circus acrobatics, humor and physical theater will be the protagonists of the story.


Executive production: CircoG

Original idea and dramaturgy: CircoG

Creation: Rubén Río and CircoG

Director: Alessia Desogus

Cast: Natalia Espinoza, David Consuegra and Daniel Luengo

Light and sound technician: Alberto Urios

Buffoonery assistance: Jorge Méndez

Acrobatic assistance: Vitaliy Motouzka

Movement assistance: Cintia Solbes

Sound Design: Richard Cano

Lighting Design: Alberto Urios

Costume designer: Encarnacion Perez Maries

Video: Roberto Botella

Photography: Connie Rico and Jesús Varillas

News:El MundoToday

Set design: Miguel Manzano and CircoG

Scenography construction: Alejandro Cremades

Graphic Design:Pablo Molina

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